Our Services

Qwerty Solutions Limited is a new Information Technology (IT) firm offering cutting edge technology solutions to all the businesses looking for a competitive edge in this information age.

Our Gurantee

Our solutions are fast deploying, secure, tailored to your needs and easy to use.

Our team comprises of researchers and experts who are constantly looking at the technology trends and reshaping our applications so you will always be on the latest trend when it comes to security and cutting-edge technology.

We pride ourselves as an innovative company offering cutting-edge, secure, fast deploying applications and/or solutions to our clients. The following is a comprehensive list of our services.


Web Application Development and Web Design using the latest technologies like AJAX, PHP-MySQL, JSP and ASP:

  1. Qwerty develops custom made web applications to meet the unique client's needs using the latest technologies that guarantee fast deploying, secure applications.

Online Shopping and Payments Solution:

  1. Qwerty has developed online shopping application to meet the market needs of the Kenyan markets and is highly customizable and secure.

Mobile Payment Application Integration like MPESA and Airtel Money

  1. Qwerty is working closely with banks and mobile services company to integrate mobile payments and online applications and make this process as seamless and flawless as possible.

E-learning Solutions and IT Training

  1. Qwerty through third party applications and custom codes has implemented an online learning portal that is customized for the Kenyan schools and caters for the needs of the students and the tutors in the market.

Online Management Systems, Custom Content Management Systems(CMS) and URL Formatting

  1. For those companies with a lot of information they want to manage, Qwerty provides custom and third party CMSs to take care of that. For those who like short neat URLs instead of long URLs that do not make sense to the surfer, we offer URL formatting using the latest techniques out there.

Social Media Plug-ins and Widgets Integration, Campaigns and Viral Marketing

  1. Social Networking is an important part of the business world today. Qwerty is one step ahead in this front and provides a platform that allows companies to enjoy all the social plug-ins and widgets out there including but not limited to facebook widgets, wordpress sharing widgets, google widgets, twitter plugins among others.

Online Marketing and Branding

  1. Through the internet, Qwerty helps companies create, manage and advertise their brands using some of the latest tools like google adwords and facebook ads.

Domain Registration, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Email Hosting and Application Hosting

  1. Qwerty gives an all in one package for domain registration, web hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting and Application Hosting. On request we also offer dedicated IP and server to clients with huge applications. We are trusted resellers of Hostgator which has its main servers in U.S.A and back-up services in various countries. This helps us guarantee 99.9% uptime os our hosting services.

Online Security Deployment using SSL and Code Signing Certificates

  1. Online applications need security and Qwerty is at the fore-front providing secure application using trusted SSL certificates and other new technologies like Code Signing.

Content Development, Research and Proposal Writing

  1. Qwerty helps companies new and existing alike to develop content for research purposes and also assist the companies with documents like proposals, business plans and research based papers.

Applications GUI designing and coding

  1. Qwerty has a group of talented designers and coders/programmers ready to give you aesthetic application features and also easy to use error-free smart systems.

Offline and Online Synchronization solution

  1. Some companies already have applications that run on their local networks and would like to synchronize these with their online portal. Qwerty offers offline-online synchronization solutions to these companies to help them have matching data both globally and locally.

Testing and implementing applications and software maintenance

  1. Qwerty offers testing and implementation services to companies that bought off the shelf software and also maintenance services of the same.

Application and Network Model Development

  1. To develop an application or build a network, a model needs to be developed first. Qwerty has a team of experienced developers ready to draw up these network and application models using the latest tools of modeling.